Dream Bold & Improbable

”An archeologist of the layers of time, brave explorer, visionary, storyteller and persistent investigator – all that must a storydetective be. Yet the most important thing is that he or she is able to dream. When one travels to the worlds beyond this reality, one must dare to let go of rational thinking and bravely enter the flow of surrealistic dreams.”


J. Grove, Head of Parallel Dimension Investigations

An illustration?

If you like my style, I am at your service (except on those occasions when I am travelling in other Dimensions). I have illustrated book covers, movies, picture books, cards and games. Sometimes, I also do portraits. Whatever you need, just be brave and ask! You can get to know my art in the Art Salon.

Lost for Words?

Don’t worry, I will find them for you! Were it an item of news, a story or perhaps an article for your web site, I shall write it faster than you can say ’Jack Robinson’! Well, okay, that was wishful thinking. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have dreamed of owning a Time-Turner…

A New World?

Who wouldn’t, at times, want a new world!  To create worlds is my specialty and, to be honest, also the most entertaining thing I know! If you need individual characters, a unique world for a game or a story, or perhaps theme-polishing for an existing one, I am the right person to help you out.


”As an illustrator, Enna is an atmosphere-creator, delicate and individual – kindred spirit to Rudolf Koivu and Martta Wendelin. Through pictures, rich in detail, she explores the issues that words cannot convey. Enna’s celebrated picturebooks, Haavemaa (Dreamland) and Korppipäinen mies (The Raven-Headed Man), tell their striking stories through the text as much as the astonishing pictures. Enna has also gained appreciation abroad: in 2015 she was a nominee for the Biennial of Illustration, Bratislava.”

”By the time Enna came to the Police University College she was already a virtuoso of communication: lucid and logical, both as a writer and orator. She places herself exactly in the position of readers and listeners, takes hold of them and walks them to their destination. Pedagogical experience and understanding shows. I specifically remember an essay in which Enna was deciphering a complicated crime; the essay was so insightful and clear, the arguments convincing and the track of thought easy to follow. Enna is a foremost communication professional.”

”Enna has a fertile mind, capable of generating a miriad of ideas and embryonic concepts to work with! She is able to create diverse and imaginative stories and characters and, if necessary, to process them further into concept images, from which production e.g. 3D models is easy. Enna takes into account the realities of gamification, yet she doesn’t let them restrict her imagination. In her work, she is flexible and adaptable to the client’s needs and, on request, she dares to challenge the current presentation.”

Matias Tuomela, CEOBerrytale Studios Oy
37120 Nokia | Finland
+358 41 4391 204